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A tale of two Michaels: one recovered from Delta at home, the other ended up fighting for his life


There have been choppers circling above south-west Sydney. I’ve heard them as I take my kids to local parks during the day. I’ve heard them as I try to switch off for the night and get some much-needed sleep. The heavy whirring has been an ominous reminder – though not about the pandemic so much as the long arm of the state. I haven’t seen the army yet, though I’m half expecting to see tanks rolling down the Hume any day now.

What has been a more potent reminder for me of what we’re facing is actually knowing two people who tested positive for the Delta variant of Covid-19.
Coincidentally, both men are named Michael. One is in his 50s and lives in the inner west; the other is in his 30s and lives in my suburb in south-west Sydney. The former lives with Jack, his pet dog, and works from home; the latter lives with his mother, in her early 60s, and works in traffic services.

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